Masters Division League and
8-Ball Doubles League


$30 APA weekly team fees


NO coaching

Jump Cues allowed

    Push outs allowed after break in 9-ball

    Must be APA members and any combination of male/female

    Must be from this league area

    Up to a maximum of 4 players per roster

    US Amateur Rules and format apply.

    Three matches per night are played and teams may choose any 3 of the 4 team members to participate

    Winner of lag has choice of format (8 or 9 ball) or break. Once the format has been chosen entire set must be completed before moving to the next format.

    Race to 7 (8 games of 9-ball & 5 games of 8-ball)

    Players earn 1 point for each game won. Teams can earn a maximum of 21 points per night

    Payout to the 4 qualified teams from the local team

championship with 1st place also winning slot to Vegas!!



Cost: $20 per team ($1.00 per player green fee)

For More Information:
 APA office at 423-886-6903

- S/L limit of 10 max. to begin *

- You will play 2 matches of doubles with alternating shots
- One coach per team, per game will be allowed

- Any combination of male/female teams

- Players may only participate on one team

Payout to the top 3 teams - call for more information

* If a qualifying tournament is held by the Local League, teams whose skill level increases to 12 following the qualifying tournament will be allowed to advance to the event in Las Vegas using a modified race chart. If their skill level increases to 13, a replacement of one or both players will have to be made to reduce the team skill level back to 10. Teams not participating in qualifying events will not be allowed to start the tournament in Las Vegas at a skill level above 10.