Welcome to the home page for the APA.
Here you can find out information about the APA Pool Leagues and how you can have fun and compete in the world's largest pool league.

In the APA, Everyone Can Play & Anyone Can Win!

See toward bottom of page for bar locations & days they play - if you have
any questions you can call the office 423-886-6903 from noon to 9 pm

If you are interested in playing at ANY of our host bar locations and
would like more information come to any of these sign up parties and ask for
Valerie or Greg and we will get you the information to help you get started!!! 
Paste this link in a new window below to view VEGAS action!!!

We've had a very successful year at 9-Ball and encourage you to give 9-Ball a try if you haven't played yet.....once you have played 10 times then you may
also play in one of the 9-Ball Singles Qualifiers!! 

 Singles Qualifier for 8-Ball and 9-Ball Information: 
There is also 8-Ball Qualifiers - if you are interested in playing in the 8-Ball or 9-Ball Singles Qualifiers please contact TERRY MILLER 505-5599  for dates and times. 


Play APA 9-Ball NOW!!!  
** APA membership covers you for 8-Ball and 9-Ball
** Most matches end by 10:30 pm
** Patches for 9 on the Snap and Break & Run
Currently we have the following 9-Ball Divisions set up:
If you would like to sign up as an individual in any of these divisions
please contact the office ASAP at 423-886-6903 
If you want to play we can find you a team to play with!!
CBC East - (Double Jeopardy) on Monday Nights and 8-Ball on Wednesday nights
Diamond Billiard Club (Double Jeopardy) on Wednesday nights
Sweet Melissa's Billiards (Double Jeopardy) on Wednesday nights 
Charlie's  (Double Jeopardy) on Thursday nights 

DIVISION 108 & 109: LADIES -
any skill level from beginners to skilled players - ask your favorite bar if
they have a Ladies Team or if they would like to put one together. Grab
some co-workers, friends or family and join the FUN!!! 
Having 14 ACTIVE Teams ALL Year gives 1 Ladies team
the opportunity for a FREE trip to Las Vegas
 Current Bar LOCATIONS 
DIVISION   2: CBC Downtown- on Cherry St. Thursday  (8-Ball)
DIVISION   3: CBC East - off of Shallowford Rd. Wednesday (8-Ball) 
DIVISION   4: Road North (Hixson & Soddy area) Wed. (8-Ball)
DIVISION   5: Charlie's Monday (8-Ball)
DIVISION   7: Road West Hixson/Red Bank/Downtown Wednesday (8-Ball)
DIVISION   8: Sweet Melissa's Billiards  Thursday (8-Ball)
DIVISION   9: Road South (North River & Brainerd) Wednesday
DIVISION 10. Skyzoo (Brainerd Rd.)  Wednesday (8-Ball)
DIVISION 11. Sweet Melissa's Billiards Monday (Hixson)( 8-Ball DJ)
DIVISION 12: Diamond's Thursday (Hixson Pike) (8-Ball)
DIVISION 13: Rob's Thursday (Red Bank) (8-Ball)
DIVISION 14: CBC Cleveland in Cleveland   Tuesday  (8-Ball)
DIVISION 15: Diamond's Wednesday  (8-Ball DJ) 
DIVISION 16: Charlies Thursday (8-Ball only)
DIVISION 17: Charlies Thursday (8-Ball DJ)
DIVISION 18: Rob's on Dayton Blvd. in Red Bank Monday (8-Ball only)
DIVISION 19: Sweet Melissa's Billiards  Thursday (Hixson) ( 8-Ball DJ)
DIVISION 20: Road 9-Ball (Travel with Ladies division)
DIVISION 21: Charlies Thursday (9-Ball DJ)
DIVISION 22: Diamond's  Wednesday (9-Ball DJ) 
DIVISION 24: Sweet Melissa's Billiards  Thursday (9-Ball DJ)
DIVISION 25  Sweet Melissa's Billiards  Monday (9-Ball  DJ) 
DIVISION 31: Masters Road
DIVISION 40: 8-Ball Doubles Monday  Sweet Melissa's Billiards and Diamond Billiard Club
DIVISION108  Ladies Monday   Sweet Melissa's Billiards
DIVISION109: Ladies Tuesday (Road Division)
Hamilton, Marion, Rhea
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open, Masters


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